Why Courtney Barnett’s Depreston Is So Meaningful (And Other Australian music Recommendations)

Published 17th August 2020.

Music Tips: Black and First Nations Australian Artists

Published 11th June 2020.

More music tips from the vibrant Australian music scene from Louise Mason

Published 27th April 2020.

Music tips from down under : selection of some of the best new bands in Australia

Published 2nd April 2020.


Before getting into radio, Louise started by simply making playlists based on life themes and writing about music for a lifestyle website. Check them out here. Louise then turned that into a podcast which you can find on her mixcloud called Life Music.


Louise previously wrote opinion articles for mylittleblackbook.com. It’s a fantastic site for women which now focuses on careers advice and profiles women doing brilliant things. All the pieces are linked below and her author page is here.

Stop being suspicious when a compliment comes your way and learn to graciously accept the praise.

Why Women Can’t Take a Compliment (and How to Break the Habit)

Saying women can’t take a compliment might be a stereotype, but from both observation and personal experience, I really think this one is true...

What to do when you can't stop thinking about someone | My Little Black Book

Why Is Deleting Someone From Your Life So Difficult?

Relationships are complicated enough without technology making break ups harder. Is there a solution?

Are you mindful of your health and happiness? On World Mental Health Day, let's keep the discussion going.

It’s World Mental Health Day – Let’s Keep the Discussion Going

Are you mindful of your health and happiness? Louise Mason discusses how important it is to take care of your mind

Why Good Friendships Have No Expiry Date

Why True Friendships Have No Expiry Date

Millennial woman having fun at a summer music festival

Music Festivals: The Inside Perspective

The festival season is well underway and this year Louise Mason decided to work at one – she shares her inside perspective

Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter-Life Crisis: Am I No Longer A ‘Young Person’?

She may be closer to 30 than 20, but Louise Mason refuses to believe she isn’t still young…

Can an accent hold you back?

Can Having An Accent Hold You Back?

Another happy couple. Exactly why we need a filter button for wedding photos.

Another Man Down: How Wedding Photos Can Affect Singletons

Are You a Culinary Goddess? Yeah, Me Too…

Louise is no domesticated daughter. Here she explores her culinary disasters and apologises to her mum.

Bikini Line: To Wax or Not to Wax?

Body Hair: Bare or There?

Learning to 'Let Go'

Why Learning To ‘Let Go’ Is Essential For Your Sanity

Run a marathon? You can jog on...

A Marathon? You Can Jog On

Or, why comparisons are futile…