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Each month Louise brings her infectious energy to present fresh new alternative releases which she is loving from around the world . Expect a heavenly mix of indie, soul, r&b, electronic and jazz, a monthly ‘elevenses throwback’ and interviews with new and established artists. 

Interviews to date on the show: Sampa The Great, St Panther, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Middle Kids, Porij, Becca Mancari,  REMI, Angie Mcmahon, Annabel Allum, Anushka, Ali Barter, Gordi, Gena Rose Bruce, Cable Ties, Josin, , Nardean, Tia Gostelow, the Dawn of May, KAIIT, Nice Biscuit, Kee’ahn, Danika Smith and Felivand.