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Each month Louise brings her infectious energy to present fresh new alternative releases which she is loving from around the world . Expect a heavenly mix of indie, soul, r&b, electronic and jazz, a monthly ‘elevenses throwback’ and interviews with new and established artists. 

Interviews to date on the show: Adeline, Close Counters, Anushka, Amber Simone, Sampa The Great, St Panther, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Middle Kids, Porij, Becca Mancari,  REMI, Angie Mcmahon, Annabel Allum, Ali Barter, Gordi, Gena Rose Bruce, Cable Ties, Josin, Nardean, Tia Gostelow, the Dawn of May, KAIIT, Nice Biscuit, Kee’ahn, Danika and Felivand.